Academic Editing

We provide the highest quality of comprehensive editing for students and scholars, including foreign/English as a Second Language students, graduate students, professors, etc., writing essays and books in English in a university context.  

Our native-English-speaking editors are highly experienced in university-level writing and know what very good writing in this context looks like.  We are both thorough and efficient, and therefore cost-effective.  We have been in business since 2006, and we serve clients at institutions of learning and scholarship around the world.   Rapid turn-around is available, depending mainly on length of the document.  

We will correct your grammar and spelling mistakes, to be sure, but copyediting involves more than that.  We look also at how the paper is organized, how well it is argued (including spotting errors in logic and reasoning), and the various considerations that come under the heading of a good writing style.  And though of course we cannot write or rewrite your paper for you (never a good idea!), we will comment on substantive issues including argumentative weaknesses.  An experienced editorial eye will readily notice all the problems in a paper, and in each case we will either fix them or bring the issue to your attention, such as if there is missing data, or something that needs to be not rephrased but rethought.  

Whether your objective is publication or merely a good grade, if you work with us, you will have better results.  We can also consult with you prior to or while your writing of the paper.  

To submit a paper for a time and cost estimate, or to inquire further, you can email us at