We help businesses, non-profits, and individuals by writing and editing documents of various kinds, as described below.  We also provide translation for selected languages (see Translation).

Business reports

Do you need an editor to make sure that what you have written is well-written and clear?  

Do you want us to tell you if you have adequately demonstrated what you are trying to show, before the critical eyes of some of those reading it (bosses, board members, shareholders, stakeholders, a broad public) review it carefully?  

Do you have a report that you must write, more or less knowing what you want to say, and what conclusions you have drawn from the data, but the report and/or the data need to be coherently organized into an informative and persuasive presentation?  

Do you need help with newsletters, important memoranda, and other internal company communications?  

Then we can help you; we are experts at good writing.  

Advertising and marketing copy

Like you, we know that writing copy that markets and sells your business is an art that pushes the standards of writing beyond mere accuracy.   We've been doing this for years with all kinds of writing.  We can do web copy, donor solicitations, direct marketing materials, and more.   

Grant proposals

We can edit or write grant proposals in the arts; for scientific and scholarly research; and for social service and other non-profits.   Our extensive experience editing essays for scholars in the social sciences and humanities gives us valuable expertise in the writing of artistic and scholarly grant proposals.     



Our Managing Editor, William Heidbreder, has worked in the document preparation department at Deutsche Bank in New York and in External Communications at the national headquarters of the American Red Cross in Washington, DC.  He has degrees in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and in Philosophy from the Sorbonne/University of Paris IV, and writes regularly on film, at